A physiotherapist is a healthcare specialist (functional specialist)

  • helps patients achieve the maximum amplitude of movement and physical abilities
  • The goal of a physiotherapist is to improve the quality of a person’s life by using various methods and techniques to relieve pain and restore function.
  • Permanent injury or illness. in this case, a physiotherapy session reduces the effects of the dysfunction.
Fizioterapija - vingrojumi

About 60% of the population has a health problem that could be solved by consulting a physiotherapist. Only a small part of us turn to a specialist at an early stage, when it is easy to fix .

Depending on the rehabilitation plan, further visits to the physiotherapist may take place as follows:

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Fizioterapija - vingrojumi
Individual lessons

The patient and physiotherapist work one-on-one using different methods

Fizioterapija - grupu nodarbības
Group lessons

The physiotherapist works with a group of patients, it can also be circuit training

Description of the procedure

The physiotherapist assesses the patient’s needs, gets acquainted with the recommendations specified in the referral of the physical and medical rehabilitation doctor or rehabilitator (if available), gets acquainted with the medical history and performs a physical assessment of the state of health.
During the classes, the patient is trained to perform the exercises correctly at home to accelerate progress.

Duration of the procedure from 1 hour, price from 50 EUR

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Klasiskā masāža Inlux salonā

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