Permanent Make-up

Permanent makeup is a good choice for those women who want to look good every day without spending a lot of time and effort.

Permanentais meikaps

Permanent make-up can last up to 3 years

Acu zīmuļa līnija
Eyeliner line

This procedure creates long-lasting mascara without using actual mascara

Lūpu korekcija
Lip contour

The procedure creates the appearance of thinner or fuller lips and helps to even out the color of the lips

Sejas ēnas
Face shadows

This procedure can be used to create a long-lasting bronzer or blush effect

Uzacu korekcija
Eyebrow correction

It is intended for well-groomed eyebrow lines

Description of the procedure

Permanent makeup is a procedure that must be performed by a qualified specialist. Before that, the specialist discusses the wishes with the client and creates a plan to achieve it. He also explains the risks and side effects of the procedure.

Duration of the procedure from 1.5 h, price from 100 EUR

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  • 70% of employees are doctors.
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  • Whether you need a rejuvenating facial or a relaxing massage, we are here to fulfill your wishes.
  • We are located in the very center of Riga, at Blaumaņa Street 15.
Permanentais meikaps

Customer Feedback

Customer Feedback​

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